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What could be more personal than talking about your money and the way you want to use it in the future? But retirement planning can often take you, the person, out of the conversation and seem like a cold, numbers-driven exercise.

Perhaps a better way to discuss it would be to ask, “How do you want to achieve your retirement dreams?”

Matthew Hanshaw, a financial advisor in Harrisburg, understands that fact. He created ARK Wealth Management to help people reach those dreams through his steady, systematic approach. His background in psychology means he approaches clients differently, with a friendly, trusting environment. It’s a different take on fund management. Matt’s aim is to make his clients comfortable, and build a long-term relationship with them.

His background also influences the way he looks at, and carries out, financial planning. It provides Matt with astute insights regarding his clients, their investments and their future. In fact, Matt often sees a client’s situation differently than what they themselves perceive it to be. Often that insight leads to unique solutions that typically have an impact on their future success.

But most importantly, Matthew believes that developing relationships with his clients is more important than opening new accounts, or stocks & money investing management. Because of that, the families that he works with trust him to have a positive impact on their investments.

After all, your money and your dreams are intimately personal things. You should have a solid relationship with the person you trust to watch over them.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 717-695-2617.

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