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ARK Wealth Managementís Process

At ARK Wealth Management, we value the relationship with our client above all. We work to coordinate the three most important areas of our clientís financial lives: their investments, their financial planning and their professional financial relationships.

Investment Consultation

ARK Wealth Management is process driven in our selection of investments and money managers. We begin with learning our clientís goals and objectives first and then move towards investment implementation. After the selection process is complete, an on-going process of monitoring our clientís portfolios and benchmarking those portfolios to the clientís goals and objectives is regularly performed and shared with our client.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the process of maximizing as many of the available strategies that exist to reduce taxes, efficiently transfer wealth to oneís heirs or favored charities, and to help preserve and protect wealth from unforeseen problems. We will work with your lawyer, accountant, and insurance professionals to assist you in implementing the plan that has the best chance to achieve your goals. If you donít have one or more of these professionals on your team, we will help you to develop these relationships.

Relationship Management

Managing relationships is all about communication. At your discretion we will make available to you and to any or all of the professionals on your expert team daily financial reports. These reports will chronicle your goals and provide a technologically secure environment in which you can have us share the information with you and your team. As well, you can store important sensitive documents such as your will, past financial reports and past tax returns on this site. You may chose whether or not to use this reporting; and if you do use it, you will decide with whom you will share the information.

Whatever your goals, we can help you get there

Whatever your goals, we can
help you get there

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